Lucy Hale Admires Fashion Tastes of Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus

On Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale makes it clear that she can keep a secret.
But the 21-year old actress held nothing back in an interview this week with WhoWhatWear dot com. She talked to the website about her fashion tastes and those of celebrities she admits. A few excerpts follow:
On her fashion evolution: “When I was 16, I wasn’t a risk taker; I was very basic, just jeans and t-shirts. I loved fashion, I loved looking at it, and I could admire the people who took those risks, but I could never do it. I’m proud of myself that I’m willing to take the extra step and do something a little different now.”
On her style icons: “I love the classic [style icons] like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, but I really admire girls my age, like Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus, for their everyday style.”
On her style staple: “I like to look really feminine - I’m all about dresses, heels, hair and makeup - but then again, I’m also obsessed with my Steve Madden motorcycle boots. I’m still finding myself and figuring out what my signature style is. There’s nothing I wouldn’t try at this point.”
Lucy H.
Lucy Hale PicLucy Hale PhotoHale, Lucy
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AnnaLynne McCord, '90210' Starlets Party In Beverly Hills

AnnaLynne McCord
"90210" starlets Annalynne McCord, Shenae Grimes and Jessica Stroup got together at the CBS Summer Press Tour Party in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

AnnaLynne looked sexy as usual, wearing a low-cut tight black minidress. We love her hot pink finger and toenails! Jessica also opted for a short dress and chose to slick back her brown hair. Shenae went in the opposite fashion direction with a loose, flowing green dress.

"90210's" mother show, "Beverly Hills 90210," is having a mini reunion of sorts. Former heartthrobs Jason Priestley and Luke Perry are starring in a made-for-TV western that will air on The Hallmark Channel in 2011.

"Goodnight for Justice" will star Perry as John Goodnight, a circuit judge who witnessed the murder of his parents and a public official as a child and is "hell-bent on justice" as an adult.

AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord

Jessica Stroup

Shenae Grimes

Shenae Grimes
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Kendall Jenner on Controversial Bikini Shoot: It's All Good!
As much as it pains us, we must give Kendall Jenner some credit.
The 14-year old half-sister of Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian responded this week to the controversy surrounding her recent photo shoot. Instead of getting on some high horse and telling the world to focus on more important issues (we're looking at you, Miley Cyrus), Kendall came across as mature and understanding of the situation.
"I am excited to be working as a model, doing what I love to do," she told People. "My entire family was very supportive, though my dad was a bit concerned at first, he knows that I am responsible enough that I wouldn’t do anything I wasn’t ready to do, or didn’t want to do.”
In a String Bikini
Kendall continued:
“Going into this shoot, it was never my intention to be provocative or too racy. It was a beach shoot, and I was wearing beachwear. I am happy with my age, and am not trying to rush into anything too soon. I look forward to all the milestones my teens have to offer - Sweet 16, turning 18, and so on.”
We still believe Jenner should wait a few years before donning so few items of clothing in a nationally-published shoot.
But at least she recognizes the reasons behind the scandal and acknowledges that she's barely even a teenager. Gotta give her - or the publicist behind this statement, really - props for handling the situation in such a straightforward manner.
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Barack Obama on The View: President Talks Chelsea Clinton Wedding, Mel Gibson, Justin Bieber & More

President Barack Obama stopped by The View today, marking the first-ever appearance by a sitting Commander-in-Chief on a daytime talk show.
The subject matter was mostly light.
Obama did touch on some of his recent lows - prosecuting two wars, the BP oil slick, a misstep over a race flap - and the greatest indignity of all:
He wasn't invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding.
"I was not invited," Obama admitted when asked if he'd be attending Chelsea's nuptials with Marc Mezvinsky in Rhinebeck, N.Y., this coming weekend.
Obama said he supported the Clintons' decision to limit invites to guests who had a relationship with Chelsea, rather than including world leaders.
Obama on The View
"I think Hillary and Bill properly want to keep this as a thing for Chelsea and her soon-to-be husband," he said. "You don't want two presidents."
Obama later revealed that his pop culture knowledge is significant, but not without holes. "I've got to admit I don't know who Snooki is," he said.
"I knew Lindsay was in jail," he added, referring to the jailing of Lindsay Lohan for failing to comply with probation terms of her DUI sentencing.
Asked about the recent scandal over the Oksana Grigorieva / Mel Gibson tapes, Obama replied: "I haven't seen a Mel Gibson movie in a while."
Obama does not use Twitter, but was a big fan of the iPod.
"I got Jay-Z on there, I've got Frank Sinatra. I've got Maria Callas on there," he said of the MP3 player. "I do not have Justin Bieber on there."
Slipping in polls of late, Obama may have decided on the light sit-down with the women of The View to reconnect with his female base.
He accomplished that, but did touch on some key issues.
When it came to the administration's firing of Shirley Sherrod, Obama was asked what light the case shed on race relations in America.
"When you took office a lot of people thought we'd get beyond race, Do you think America is still racist," asked Sherri Shepherd.
"I think what happened in that situation was a 24/7 media cycle that's always looking for controversy generated a phony controversy. A lot of people overreacted, including people in my administration," Obama said.
"When it comes to race let's acknowledge that of course there is still tension out there, there is still discrimination, there is still inequality. But we've made progress and if each of us takes it upon ourselves to treat people with fairness."
Anticipated fireworks from Elisabeth Hasselbeck did not materialize.
"We are in a state of chronic joblessness, yet you claim there are saved jobs, a standard not used before by any administration," said Hasselbeck.
"It's frustrating to hear that 'saved-jobs' boasting ... How can you continue to say you've saved jobs when in reality people are losing jobs?"
The president explained the stimulus gave money to states that would have otherwise fired teachers, police officers and other public employees.
"It makes a difference if your job was one of the ones saved. States got hammered as a result of the financial crisis. If we had not provided immediate assistance to the states, they would have had to fire teachers, police, firefighters," he said.
"This was not just a matter of jobs for those people but the services lost. We're bouncing back, but not bouncing back as quickly as we need to."
Asked by Barbara Walters about an increasingly deadly war in Afghanistan, the president reiterated his talking point that U.S. soldiers would be leaving Iraq this month and would begin drawing down from Afghanistan next summer.
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Witnesses Saw Mel Gibson Hit Oksana Grigorieva

Did Mel Gibson attack Oksana Grigorieva physically?
The actor and his attorneys have not said a word about the infamous tapes, which makes sense. It's pretty clearly him on the phone, and there's no explaining away remarks such as "You should just say you're sorry and BLOW ME!!!!!!"
But he's adamantly denied any violence, and his fans have accused Oksana of being a gold-digging liar. Might there be witnesses who saw it, however?
According to TMZ, sources connected to Oksana Grigorieva say "third party witnesses" will tell L.A. County Sheriff's investigators they saw Mel Gibson punch her in the face January 6 during a heated altercation at her home.
This is the same alleged fight that they appear to reference in some of the tapes, and that she Oksana emailed her attorney about just hours after.
The Mel Gibson tapes are all from February 18.
An Oksana and Mel Pic
Is Mel Gibson's benefit of the doubt evaporating?
Witnesses have not yet spoken to Sheriff's investigators probing the domestic abuse allegations against Mel, but they will supposedly come forward soon.
Sources say at least one witness is someone who works with Oksana on her music, which Mel claims is pretty average in one of his voicemail rants.
At least one of the third party witnesses reportedly saw the star pull a gun on Oksana during the same altercation, after he allegedly punched her.
We're told Oksana's 12-year old son Alexander, who Mel is also accused of assaulting, has already spoken with Sheriff's investigators in the case.
Sources say during the mediation in May, Oksana said Alexander, whose father is Timothy Dalton, was hiding under the bed during the argument.
Concurrently, Grigorieva is being investigated for extortion of Gibson, and both are battling for custody of their eight-month-old daughter Lucia.
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Jennifer Aniston Upskirt

Oh hell yes!!! Why it's a pretty sweet view right up 41 year old goddess Jennifer Aniston's skirt we're getting right here isn't it? Damn right it is
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Miley Cyrus "Furious" at Taylor Momsen Over Disney Diss

Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen may pretend as if they're especially mature 16 and 17-year olds, but at the end of the day, it's clear: they're just like any two feuding teenage girls.
It all started a couple weeks ago, when the Gossip Girl actress and The Pretty Reckless frontwoman implied that Miley was part of "Disney bubblegum shit" taking over the airwaves and said she was sick of comparisons between the pair.
In response to those comments, a source tells Heat magazine "Miley is furious." He added:
"She thought Taylor was pretty cool until this happened, which has left her totally confused. Taylor is so obviously desperate for fame. I mean, she's traipsing around town in her underwear, or is that for the love of the music too?"
Wait... did someone close to Miley Cyrus just accuse another artist of dressing scantily in order to make headlines? Excuse us while we laugh hysterically over such hypocrisy....
Far From ComfortableInappropriate Taylor
Perhaps Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen should both put clothes on and shut up.
This insider believes "Miley has always had a lot of talent, and Taylor knows it. Taylor still sees her as a threat, which she is, although they're hardly in the same league."
It's difficult to take a side in this battle of underdressed, oversexed, self-centered singers. But Miley has spoken out often over the last year, expressing her disdain for musicals, vampires and other pop culture favorites. Her defenders always say to leave the girl alone, she's allowed to speak her mind.
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Larissa Riquelme Is Toplessly Terrific!

So do any of you dudes out there remember this steaming hot babe Larissa Riquelme? Of course you do! She was the Paraguay Superfan who promised to get naked if the team won the FIFA World Cup 2010 - they didn't - but then she bared herself anyways - yay! Oh yeah, she's a tasty bit of girl - and now here she is topless in lingerie and in a bikini showing off all her ample assets... I'm talking about her juicy boobs and luscious ass of course. Enjoy the awesome girl-flesh - Cheers.

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Ali Fedotowsky Shares Diet, Fitness Tips

It might look like all fun, games, amazing dinners and contrived drama, but filming a reality show like The Bachelorette can be tough. Just ask Ali Fedotowsky.
“I was always hungry!” she tells OK! about how she gained 10 pounds on the show (not that anyone knew). “I didn’t think much of it, but everyone noticed.”
We doubt it. We've seen no Bachelorette spoilers about Ali's alleged weight gain. If anything, an extra few pounds look good on her. But it's all good either way.
How did she change her eating habits when she got back home?
“I am good during the week, and one day I pig out,” Ali says. “But I don’t cook! I am learning a little bit. I can be hard to eat healthy when you don’t cook."
"I love egg white omelets because I can actually cook the egg whites myself! I also go to the grocery store, and I will buy the ready-made grilled chicken."
Bachelorette Cuteness
Click to enlarge more pictures of The Bachelorette star.
"I buy 4-5 at a time, and I’ll have them with a salad - a prepared salad from a bag.” And there's your Ali Fedotowsky diet, folks. But what about exercise?
“I am not the person who will be at the gym all the time,” she says. “Usually, I do the treadmill for about 30 minutes, or I will try to do something else.”
Something that helps take out aggression at Frank Neuschaefer?
“I love kickboxing. I have a personal trainer for it. We do contact kickboxing; she holds the pads up for me. It’s such a great workout for my core."
"You can think of ex-boyfriends while you’re doing it!"

Ali Bikini Pic
Ali Fedotowsky rocks a bikini and looks darn good. It's a little unclear why she is featured in an article about weight loss, but we'll buy it.
Ali in Pink
Ali Fedotowsky of The Bachelorette is known for her pink bikini. Well, at least she is now after we've seen this photo. Damn girl.
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Happy Birthday, Jennifer Lopez!

Jennifer Lopez turns 41 today.
Remember Jennifer Lopez? The former A-lister once had the number-one movie and number-one album on the planet... at the same time! It's a feat that was never accomplished before and hasn't been since.
But J-Lo has fallen off the celebrity gossip map a lot lately. Her most newsworthy endeavor over the last few years was donning an ugly catsuit on New Year's Eve.
Still, it's not too late for Lopez to right her sexy ship. She's still a looker, still has talent and clearly has a sense of humor. (She's also still just Jenny from the Block, we've heard.) Send in your birthday wishes to Jennifer now and offer her tips for reviving her career...

Terrible Outfit
Yes, we admire Jennifer Lopez for being proud of her curves. But that doesn't mean we think this is an attractive outfit on her... or anyone.
J. Lo Picture
Looking fierce, Jennifer Lopez! The former A-lister poses here outside Radio City Music Hall, where the MTV Music Awards were held in 2009.
J. Lo from the Back
Sorry, Jennifer Lopez. But this tight catsuit is even less sexy from behind.
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Sweet Sugar and Nacho Vidal

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Does Brooklyn Decker Have the Best Bikini Body?

Wanna see something funny? Show these Women's Health poll results to Kim Kardashian, and then watch her scream, panic, chug six gallons of QuickTrim and sit on the toilet for the next week.
That magazine has crowned Brooklyn Decker as 2010's Best Bikini Body, with Kim coming in all the way at number-10.
It's been a great year for Decker, who is married to tennis star Andy Roddick. She was featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and she's running away with a Fashion Face-Off against veteran model Marisa Miller.
Brooklyn in a Bikini
All pictured below, Jessica Alba, Ashley Greene, Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Biel round out the top five in these rankings.
Says David Zinczenko, editorial director of Women's Health:
"All of this year's finalists have a deep commitment to working out, staying fit and eating smart... They have a variety of workout regimes from Pilates and yoga to boxing and weight training, kayaking and hiking to training for marathons."
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Kanye West: Reportedly Shagging Shay

Kanye West has traded in short hair for gigantic breasts.
The rapper has moved on from Amber Rose and multiple sources - such as The Daily Mirror - now link him romantically to Shay. Yes, the Shay.
This Kenyan native is a model who moved to Great Britain when she was two years old. She's lived there ever since; stands five feet eight inches; and claims her 30JJ-26-37 measurements are all natural.
We have little doubt that Kanye and Shay will be together forever and ever.
Fortunately, Rose has also found a new love interest: she's been spotted out and about with Reggie Bush this summer.
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Katie Green Topless

katie green tits
British model Katie Green was really pissed last year when Ultimo lingerie fired her after she was photographed naked while on holiday, but other Ultimo models like Rachel Hunter and Katie Price kept their jobs after posing for Playboy.
Some of her friends reported at the time that Katie Green had sworn never to pose nude again in her life. But once a nude model, always a nude model, and Katie is back to her old bag of tricks. Once again on vacation, the beautiful UK-born brunette dropped her bikini top while photos were being snapped at the beach.
Despite having gained a few pounds since her last job for Ultimo, she still looks great and those glorious tits of her look as good as ever. It’s good to see that she’s keeping her boobies in top shape, and at least she’s not going to get fired this time.
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Kelly Brook Topless

kelly brook topless
Kelly Brook topless or in a bikini are great ways to start off your week happy and energized, so I wanted to share with you these recent photos of the beautiful British celebrity.
Kelly was photographed by Maxim in a ridiculously hot pictorial that includes motorcycles, the beach, the desert, and her fantastic tits and incredibly hot ass wrapped in see-thru panties. This chick is the Mona Lisa of our times, a hot sexy icon that keeps us on our toes waiting to see what wild thing she’ll do next. And you can certainly count on Kelly Brook doing something wild. As an example just take these photos where she’s technically topless. Granted, her tits are stuck to some lucky guy’s back, but she’s topless nonetheless!
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A Danielle Staub TV Show: In the Works?!?

She might be an absolute nut job, but there's no disputing the facts: Danielle Staub delivers record ratings for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Therefore, it's depressing - but not surprising - that television executives would want as much of this trainwreck on the small screen as possible.
According to The New York Post, producers are looking to put together a show based on "Cop Without a Badge," the book that exposed Staub's mug shots, along with her history of cocaine use, often referring to her as a "coke whore."
Cop Without a BadgeDanny Staub
Sources say David Black, a former Law & Order writer, is leading the charge to make this memoir into a series. It would center around Kevin Maher, the man at the center of the story, who dated Staub at the time and was an undercover informant for the FBI.
The book was published 14 years ago, but has been back in the news these days due to Staub's presence, and general lunacy, on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
No word yet on who might portray Staub, but we recommend Kim Kardashian or Kendra Wilkinson. Both can relate to her naked, bent over experience in front of the camera.
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Rachel Uchitel and Tiger Woods: Ambien Fiends!

As we reported yesterday, Rachel Uchitel joined the cast of Celebrity Rehab. Amazingly, her addiction is not having affairs with married celebrities, but drugs.
Of the prescription variety: Ambien to be precise.
That ring any bells? It should, considering that she did the drug with Tiger Woods, whose Ambien-fueled sex romps with his chief mistress are no secret.
He also dreamed of an Uchitel-Derek Jeter-David Boreanaz threesome during an Ambien-fueled dream at one point, but that's a story for another time.
In new email messages between Uchitel and Woods obtained by Radar Online, the golfer asked her for Ambien - and she worried about their addiction.
“Would it be possible for you to get us some more Ambien,” Woods emailed her in November of last year, right before his cheating ways were exposed.
Hot Rachel Uchitel PictureThe Best Golfer
FORMER LOVERS: Of each other, and of Ambien.
Uchitel responded, “Ok, but we need to talk about this. I don’t know how to deal with us possibly being addicted to prescription meds. What can I say to make you stop taking Ambien excessively? What can I do to prove that I’m worried?”
“I feel like taking pills is my only alternative!” Woods answered.
There is no indication that Tiger is or was addicted to Ambien, a sedative and hypnotic known to increase sexual pleasure immediately after it is taken.
Rachel Uchitel is another story.
Their affair came to a crashing halt when Tiger's Escalade crashed into a tree following his attempt to flee an enraged Elin Woods, but it doesn't look like the professional adulterer has slowed down in her Ambien consumption since.
She joined Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew this week. Celebrity Apprentice had been courting her as well, but the Donald is no longer interested.
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A Royal Mess: Prince William Cheated on Kate Middleton!

Forget the Royal Wedding of the Century.
We may be looking at an all-time royal mess.
Despite engagement rumors floating over her head, Kate Middleton is reportedly considering an end to her relationship with Prince William. The reason? A four-year old photo that proves he cheated on her with British singer Natasha Hamilton.
It's unclear why this picture, which was published in tabloids at the time, is causing a stir now - but insiders say it's due to Kate's realization that William has been "disrespectful" to her for a long time, and will continue to be even if they get married.
"Kate is now being warned by royal courtiers that she must be prepared for William to follow in his philandering father's footsteps and take a mistress," a source told The National Enquirer.
The tabloid even quotes one of the Queen's advisors, who allegedly said to Middleton:
"It won't be IF he does, my dear. It will be WHEN he does - and then you must simply turn a blind eye."
Kate felt "physically ill" at this possibility, the source reports, causing her to rethink the wedding. We have no idea why. According to Mel Gibson, a woman's place is on her knees, not on some high horse.
Give William a break, girlfriend!
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Fashion Face-Off: Kristin Cavallari vs. Stephanie Pratt

The Hills stars Kristin Cavallari and Stephanie Pratt won't win a lot of fashion awards for these. If there even are any fashion awards. That's unclear.
In any case, where do we even begin? At the Salt premiere in Hollywood, Kristin debuted a really short dress with spiked shoulder pads. Yeah. Wow.
Stephanie, meanwhile, attended the premiere of The Extra Man in New York wearing the drapes from a house with 1970s decor. Very chic ... we guess.
Who do you think looked less bad? Vote below!
Go Cavs GoA She Pratt Pic

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