Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens: Just Friends... with Benefits!

No Strings Attached. It's not just a predictable Ashton Kutcher movie.
It's also the current status of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, according to a friend of the couple, who says rumors of the pair's reconciliation are premature.
“They are just friends with benefits and while something more is certainly possible, they are taking things slow,” the insider told Hollywood Life. “It’s obvious they still have strong feelings for each other and are continuing to hook up.”
Zanessa Love
This source cited "career demands and distance" as the basis of the break-up in December between Zac and Vanessa, but concluded by offering up hope to fans everywhere:
"I’d be shocked if they don’t get back together someday.”
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Kacey Jordan: K-Fed Plaything ... and Babysitter

Britney Spears is going to love this.
Not only did Kacey Jordan, Charlie Sheen's latest porn star plaything, abort K-Fed's child a few years back, she used to babysit the loser's kids with Britney.
After Brit and Kevin split, Kacey Jordan and K-Fed dated briefly. During that smokin' hot relationship, she would babysit his two sons for him on occasion.
Kacey Jordan PhotoFederleezy Fo Sheezy
WORST SITTER EVER: Britney Spears will surely be thrilled to know her kids were under the care of a trashy porn star that K-Fed was impregnating.
Don't ask us what K-Fed even does that would require him to leave Sean Preston and Jayden James with a babysitter, but that's the story. The scary story.
"I watched the kids when Kevin was dealing with the divorce. He was busy going to so many meetings," she said. "We went swimming ... they were great."
Probably true. Compared to partying with Charlie Sheen, a lot less can go wrong. The odds of ending up in the hospital after OD'ing are certainly smaller.
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Tila Tequila Pic

In news that should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with their dating history, Dave Navarro is giving it to Tila Tequila.
Taking advantage of a new opportunity to make headlines, Tequila is blabbing to people people that the two are "in love," as a source tells E! News they've been dating for "about six months."
"They're both serious, but she is way, way into him and stays at his place all the time," says the insider.
Hey, as long as she isn't faking pregnancies and miscarriages, it's progress.   
This is nothing like most Tila Tequila photos. The blogger is wearing a headband, after all! 
Tila Tequila took off her top at an Insane Clown Posse concert. Fans reacted by booing and attacking the celebrity, she says.
Pssst, Tila Tequila: we can see your underwear! You might wanna cover yourself up.
Tila Tequila is singing in this photo. Correction: she is trying to sing, and failing.
Tila Tequila is posing here without a shirt on. This is a very rare occurrence, we know.
 Tila Tequila would be a lot more attractive if she never opened her mouth. Or starred on a reality show. Or had this face, really.  
Tila Tequila Bikini Photo
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JWoww Nude Pictures: Blocked By Judge Again!
Sorry, Tom Lippolis. Your naked photos of Jersey Shore star JWoww will remain under lock and key, at least temporarily, after a judge's ruling late yesterday.
A New York judge ruled that JWoww's (Jenni Farley's) ex-boyfriend has no legal right to distribute the images he's been threatening to sell for weeks now.
This upholds a previous ruling temporarily blocking Lippolis' moves.
Her lawyer argued that the JWoww nude photos he has were taken sans consent as she was "under effects of pre-surgical and post-surgical anesthesia."
JWoww Bikini Photo
Lippolis has argued that it was her idea and that JWoww was "always a willing participant and always gave consent" to the series of naked images.
He also claimed that releasing the photos wouldn't harm JWoww's reputation, since she had previously "expressed her desires to pose in Playboy."
But for now, the judge sided with JWoww, which means the pics must stay off the market for the time being. We know you guys are so pissed.
The case is scheduled for arbitration (seriously), where a final decision on the pictures will be made. You can bet both sides are lawyering up.
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Booze and Boobs: A Night in the Life of Charlie Sheen...  
Bree Olson has made the best career move a porn star could ever make: she's had sex with Charlie Sheen. Now, she's mainstream! 
Bree Olson is the porn star with whom Charlie Sheen got involved in early 2011. That doesn't really narrow it down, we know. 
 What makes this photo of Bree Olson so unusual? The porn star is wearing a lot of clothing.
Bombshell McGee may not have enjoyed herself in Las Vegas this week with Charlie Sheen, but a witness tells TMZ the actor was in heaven at The Palms Hotel and Casino.
Detailing a penthouse full of "big booby blonde girls fighting for his attention," this source got a look at Sheen's suite and said: "It looked like porn star auditions... the girls were all over him and he just sat back and took it all in."
Da BombshellHalf a ManBree Olson Pic
Charlie Sheen contemplates which STD to get tested for first...
The Two and a Half Men star "loved the attention" and seemed like he was "in his environment," this onlooker added. Guests included McGee, her pal Lindsay Sinai and Bree Olson.
Tragically, however, Sheen came down with what his rep described as an "ear infection" immediately following his return to Los Angeles and arrived late to the set of his terrible sitcom.
For Sheen's sake, let's hope that "ear infection" doesn't leave sores on his mouth.
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THG Caption Contest: A Night Out With the Brands

Welcome to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!
When Katy Perry and Russell Brand hit up the casino, there's no telling what kind of thoughts take place and words are exchanged ... until you tell us!
All you have to do is think of a caption for this picture, fire off a comment below and win! Leave one. Leave 10. Up to you. We'll pick a winner Monday.
Best of luck, have a nice weekend and go to it ...
Russell and Katy Brand
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Is Kim Kardashian 2sexy2tweet?

If we answer yes to the latest question posed by Kim Kardashian on Twitter, will she go away?
The professional celebrity took to her social network last night and showed off the only reason she's famous. To wit:
Kim's Body
Along with the photo, she wrote: "Photo shoot time! #2sexy2tweet?"
You tell us, fans. This is what plastic surgery, millions of dollars and unhealthy dieting can get you. What do you think? Kim Kardashian is...
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Miley Cyrus Hacker: Arrested!

Another scandal has broken out around Miley Cyrus. This time, though, the controversial singer is not at the center of it.
A 21-year old named Josh Holly was arrested in Nashville last week and charged with possession of unauthorized credit card numbers. He also admitted to hacking into Miley's email account in 2007.
Miley in White
According court documents, FBI Agent Victor Rodriguez writes that Holly said he broke into Cyrus' MySpace account and obtained photos from her Gmail, posting them on a site frequented by other hackers.
It's unclear to which pictures of Miley this admission refers, but the most recent set of leaked images was clearly snapped a few years ago.
Rodriguez states in the affidavit that Holly told him he often hacked into the email and social networking accounts of celebrities to help with his job sending spam for commercial companies. This job paid the loser $110,000 between November 2007 and July 2008.
"He confirmed that he was the person who had obtained data from Miley Cyrus' MySpace without authorization," Rodriguez writes. "He often used accounts belonging to celebrities because of the high volume of Internet traffic they attracted."
This spammer is due in court for a January 12 hearing to deal with the aforementioned credit card allegations. Authorities have not yet decided whether or not to tack on charges against him for these online hacks.
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Happy Birthday, Tiffany Pollard!

Tiffany Pollard is making a comeback, folks. The former reality star and giant-breasted woman is in the news today for three reasons:
  1. She covers the latest issue of Bleed.
  2. She turns 29.
  3. She's hilarious.
Pollard hasn't done much since she went to work on VH1 in 2009, but here's hoping this isn't the last time we write about her. Possessing as much talent as Kim Kardashian, New York is one sex tape away from making it big! She's awaiting your birthday wishes.
Covering BleedT. Pollard
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