Every month, at least once you go shopping to the supermarket, right? So if you want to make healthy financial condition, start by making savings in this sector. Here are tips frugal shopping at the supermarket:
1. Create a Shopping List.
Shopping list are often considered trivial and ultimately ignored. In fact, it is critically important for you to do before you go shopping. By compiling a list of items to be purchased, you learn discipline and be obedient to the plan you have to shop own bunk and where you’ll be spending a lot of stuff that makes you interested to buy it. So, get used to focus! That’s what made a shopping list.
2. Catalogs and Newspapers.
If you carefully read the newspapers, you’ll see that on certain days a number of supermarkets will advertise their flagship products which are down in price. Usually the price is valid for the weekend or from Friday-Sunday, guaranteed competitive pricing. You can also see the price of goods being unloaded through the catalog. Every supermarket routinely issued catalog prices, which are usually valid for 1 month. Well, now do not be lazy read the newspapers or flyers. Who knows these days you’re lucky to get a discount for goods that do want to buy.
3. Midnight Sale.
Midnight Sale only there in Giant Hypermarket, every Saturday at 22.00 – 24.00 pm (in Cirebon, Giant is located at Jalan Brig Darsono / By-Pass). This supermarket holds a Midnight Sale. This event provides discounts alias substantial discounts for certain items. In fact, sometimes up to slam the price. Shopping efficient with a atmosphere that is not too crowded!
4. Coat ‘Cheapest’.
Want to get cheap price, look for items with the symbol ‘cheapest’ or ‘price promotions’. Although the difference may be thin, at least the price is more skewed. If you consider the price-quality low sodium absorption ratio must be good, it’s not necessarily like that. Sometimes a cheap price because the item is a new product, the product issued by the supermarket itself or the product is still in the stage of promotion. So price is not expensive products and has famous advertise here and there.
5. Buy 2 Get 1 Free.
Sometimes at certain moments, supermarkets offer buy one get one free the same product. In fact, there is also a buy two get one free again. Well, take advantage of this offer is the best. It’s possible you’ll shell out more because it should have bought one in two. But remember, you can get free product that you can use as stock. So you do not need to spend money to buy goods such as shopping next month.
6. Shopping Day Friday.
Certain supermarkets often conduct promotional programs or cash back rebates. You are usually this campaign in collaboration with the Bank or credit card. For example, BNI credit card ever made campaign Friday called Saver. On that day, cash back is given to customers who transact in the supermarket on Friday alone.
7. Buying Volume.
Buying goods with a retail price is usually more expensive than if you buy in bulk or wholesale. Indeed, sometimes the difference is not too much. However, if you calculate the monthly budget! For certain goods such as soap, toothpaste, tissues, should be purchased in large quantities. Generally ‘fall’ would be cheaper if purchased in large quantities at once. After all, this stuff you can hold for a period long enough.
8. Compare Weight and Price.
If you want to get a cheaper price, never lazy to see a product of the weight or unit. Usually for one type of product, available in various brands. By comparing the weight and brand, you can find out which one is cheaper. Now from there, you can save quite a lot.
9. Fruit Prices Italic.
If you want to save on buying fruit, buy fruit in the ripe conditions that have been peeled. In that sense, does not last for a long time. Usually supermarkets will give substantial discounts. But it must be remembered, the fruit is to be consumed immediately. This also could apply to goods such as cake and cooked food.