Elisabetta Canalis is Beautiful, Snow White

If you could see our staff right now, you'd notice that each of us has taken our hats off.

For what reason?

To salute George Clooney.

The serial dater and beloved bachelor has made no secret of his enjoyment of the single life. Nor should he.

Clooney's latest bed post notch is Italian model Elisabetta Canalis. We've tracked down the following, old modeling shots of the beauty and it's safe to say that, by George, the actor has done it again!

"I have now become more fussy about who I date. And in any case my future boyfriend will have to share my bed with [her mini Doberman] Piero, too," Canalis recently told Italian magazine Tu. "Before in love I used to play much more, now I don't want to waste any more time with wrong relationships. I just want someone who can make me find tranquility. I want to get home and find a person who can make me feel good."

Lord knows Clooney can do that!

Elisabetta Canalis Picture

Elisabetta Canalis Photo

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Samantha Burke: The REAL Jude Law Baby Mama!

Contrary to reports that he knocked up other people, aspiring actress and model Samantha Burke, 24, is the mother of Jude Law's fourth child, her lawyer says.

Sorry, Kayleen McAdams. Or congratulations?

"Samantha Burke can confirm that she did in fact have a relationship with Mr. Law and that she has informed Mr. Law that she is expecting his child later this fall," Burke's attorney, who is not identified, said in a statement to TMZ.

"Since informing Mr. Law of the pregnancy, he has been nothing but responsive and supportive of Ms. Burke and the pregnancy."

Samantha Burke PictureJude Law Photo

A Florida friend of Burke, who is based in Florida, reports that the model told her she was "pregnant from Jude Law." Law's rep declined comment.

On Wednesday, the actor, who has three children with ex-wife Sadie Frost, announced he was expecting a fourth child with an unidentified ex-lover.

It's the latest round of scandalous activity for the star, who was also engaged to Sienna Miller before he was caught doing his children's nanny.

Jude Law will appear in Hamlet on Broadway in October, and will star with Robert Downey Jr. in the film Sherlock Holmes opening on Christmas Day.

Here are a few more Samantha Burke pictures TMZ dug up ...

Samantha Burke PhotoJude Law Baby Mama

As you can see, Florida model Samantha Burke appears to be holding onto some tools in this undated photo. It appears she was later knocked up by one.

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Exclusive Pics: Berlin

Berlin marked the last stop of Britney's European Tour. She begins the next leg of her North American tour on August 20th in Hamilton, Ontario.
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Playboy Magazine

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Vagina (cont'd)

Relationship Problems
In other cases, emotional problems in a relationship with a partner may be the reason behind too little vaginal lubrication.

In these situations, feelings may block natural physical responses. This kind of experience is not unusual. Partners may be able to deal with the situation on their own, or it may be helpful to discuss the problem with a qualified therapist.

Vaginal lubrication typically decreases as women age, but this is a natural physical change that does not normally mean there is any physical or psychological problem.

After menopause, the body produces less estrogen, which, unless compensated for with estrogen replacement therapy, causes the vaginal walls to thin out significantly. The vagina also tends to become slightly shorter and narrower, and it takes longer to produce even a reduced amount of lubrication.

The vagina also loses its ability to expand as easily during sexual excitation. A woman not using estrogen replacement may use artificial lubricants, and engaging in longer periods of foreplay may help post-menopausal women avoid pain with intercourse.

Sometimes after childbirth a woman's vagina may lose some of its muscle tone, loosen a bit, and feel larger. For some women this means that they may not feel the pleasure they once did from their partner's penis making contact with the vaginal walls. The partner may also notice that he is not held as tightly by the vagina.

Post-Childbirth Exercises
There are specific exercises that women can do after childbirth to strengthen and tighten the muscles around the vagina and improve the tone and feeling.

These exercises, called Kegel exercises after the physician who developed them, require the woman to contract the muscles used to stop the flow of urine. The contraction is held for 3-5 seconds, repeated ten times in a series, and the series is usually repeated several times a day. These voluntary contractions can also be done during intercourse, and some women and men find it sexually enhancing.

Copyright 2002 Sinclair Intimacy Institute

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The vagina is the female internal sex organ that begins on the outside at the vaginal opening and extends about three to five inches inside, ending at the cervix, or neck of the uterus (womb).

Three Layers of Tissue
The vagina consists of three layers of tissue. The mucosa is the layer on the surface that can be touched. It consists of mucous membranes and is a surface similar to the lining of the mouth.

Unlike the smooth surface of the mouth lining, the vagina contains folds or wrinkles. The next layer of tissue is a layer of muscle, concentrated mostly around the outer third of the vagina. The third, innermost layer consists of fibrous tissue that connects to other anatomical structures.

In the sexually unstimulated state, the vagina is shaped like a flattened tube, the sides of which are collapsed on each other. It is not a continually open space, or "hole" as often thought by both women and men. It is a potential space.

Because of its muscular tissue, the vagina has the ability to expand and contract, like a balloon, allowing a baby to pass through during childbirth, or adjusting to fit snugly around a tampon, a finger or any size penis.

The internal walls of the vagina itself do not have a great supply of nerve endings, thus are not very sensitive to touch. The outer one-third of the vagina, especially near the opening, contains nearly 90 percent of the vaginal nerve endings and therefore is much more sensitive to touch than the inner two-thirds of the vaginal barrel.

Vaginal Fluid
During sexual excitement, droplets of fluid appear along the vaginal walls and eventually cover the sides of the vagina completely. The vaginal tissue does not contain any secretory glands itself, but is loaded with blood vessels, which when engorged with blood as a result of sexual arousal, press against the tissue, forcing natural tissue fluids through the walls of the vagina.

The fluid is not only a sign of sexual arousal, but serves as a lubricant for intercourse if that is what is to follow. Without this natural lubricant, or an artificial one, a woman would most likely find penetration painful.

Sometimes the process of vaginal expansion and lubrication does not occur exactly as described or exactly when a woman would like. The causes of too little vaginal lubrication can be physical, emotional, or some combination of the two.

Physically, for example, it may be the result of a hormonal deficiency, or an infection or cyst in the vagina. Sometimes a woman who is using a birth control pill that is high in progesterone can experience lessened vaginal lubrication.


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The Vagina

The vagina is the opening located directly below the urethral opening. Directly outside of the vaginal opening are the labia minor, the smooth inner lips of the vulva. Outside of the inner lips are the labia majora, the fleshier outer lips that are typically covered in hair after puberty.

The clitoris is a sensitive organ. Its function is to provide sexual pleasure. It is a hard round 'button' at the top of the vulva. The clitoral structure surrounds and extends into the vagina. It contains erectile tissue, very similar to the male penis. When a women gets sexually aroused, it engorges with blood. The clitoris is densely packed with nerve endings and, while similar in number to the penis, they are much more concentrated and closer together.

When a woman is sexually aroused, the vagina begins to produce lubrication to aid in penetration. Most vaginas are only four inches in length. At the top of the vagina is what feels like a semi-hard round ball. This is your cervix, the 'neck' of your uterus. In the middle of the cervix is a small round opening, called the external orifice that leads to the uterus. The external orifice is the small opening through which menstrual blood flows from the uterus into the vagina. This is the same small opening that expands during childbirth. This is also where cells for a pap smear will be taken to make sure they are healthy.

Keep in mind that the vagina is a 'potential' space. The walls of the vagina are normally in contact with each other. In other words, they are touching unless something is inserted between them; contrary to what most anatomy illustrations depict. The vagina isn't a hole or cavity inside the body. When something enters the vagina, the body must make room for it, no matter how small or large it may be.

The vaginal walls are continually producing secretions necessary to provide lubrication, to cleanse the vagina and to maintain the proper acidity to prevent infection. The vagina tends to be fairly acidic, while sperm tends to be more of a base or alkaline. The vagina is a naturally self-cleansing body part, so douching isn't necessary to keep the vagina clean. Some women chose to use a vinegar and water douche after the end of their period, but this is not necessary. Women who like to douche, however, should do so with unscented products.

Wash your vagina when you shower or bathe with a gentle soap or cleansing bar. Don't overdo it or you can irritate the sensitive lining. Additional vaginal care products are not necessary unless you have a vaginal infection, such as a urinary tract infection.

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Playboy The Gilrs

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Jennifer Hurt
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Free samples of some of Playboy's hottest girls:
Jennifer Hurt
Jennifer Hurt
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Jillian Beyor
Jillian Beyor
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Erica Campbell
Erica Campbell
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Joice Triatman Pretty News Anchor

Smart, beautiful and independent she is Joice Triatman. News Anchor "Afternoon Bulletin" RCTI this is the type of women that combines all the elements of beauty in itself. He also glorify love, even that can be made "mad" because of love. One again, he was not married yet.

Joice Triatman

A dream or aspiration has many meanings for a Joice Triatman. Who is he? May not have known if a beautiful face not exposed to the public. Final night in the Miss Indonesia 2008 some time ago, Joice Triatman host with Tantowi Yahya.

foto Joice Triatman

Why interested in journalism?
I like the public speaking and active. Always be the head of the class, so the head of OSIS and happy join the race. It seems that once the work is glory, it's prestigious. And that may be spelled, is a journalist's dream of me first.in 2005, I have the opportunity to place Miss Indonesia. From there open the opportunity to achieve dreams, including working as a journalist, such as now. After the contract as a Runner Up Miss Indonesia I finished, I offer myself and talk to the RCTI, that I am interested in the news and want to join. Road is finally open. Not easy initially, because I did not take study in the field of journalism, I was a mathematics graduate from the University of Parahyangan Bandung.

foto sexy Joice Triatman

foto berani Joice Triatman

beautiful Joice Triatmanfoto Joice Triatman sexy
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Photo Maria Eva

Maria Eva

Maria Eva telanjang

Maria Eva bugil

video bokep Maria Eva

toket Maria Eva

ngintip toket gede Maria Eva

Maria Eva, or Maria Ireva, 29, usually called Merry, from Sidoarjo in East Java, is the dangdut singer and sometime sinetron actress who appeared in the raunchy sex recording with Golkar parliamentarian Yahya Zaini.

Maria Eva name has cropped up here once before, when Maria Eva was reported to have attended a gathering of the Muhammadiyah branch of Surabaya on November 11th 2006 whereupon it was announced by Din Syamsuddin that a Muslim (inner) beauty contest would be held. Maria Eva, along with other local celebrities, Cici Tegal, Yolanda Yusuf, and Ozzy Saputra, put in an appearance to show her support of the idea.
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Kim Kardashian: On a Trampoline, In a Bikini

The former Comedy Central program, originally hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla, ended each segment with bikini-clad girls jumping on a trampoline. Do you really need to ask why?

Years later, Kim Kardashian has finally realized the potential of this endeavor for herself.

As she pathetically shills for her Quick Trim cleanser as a means to lose weight, Kim has posted a series of photos of herself on her official blog to prove just how well this system works.

"I wanted to show you guys some before and after pics so you can see the difference that working out, eating healthily and using Quick Trim has made," Kardashian writes, prompting readers to ogle away at her skin-baring body.

We might as well oblige...

Kim PicBabe in a Bikini

Kim Kardashian before (left) and after: Is the new body more bangable?

Don't worry, fellas. We promised Kim in a bikini and on a trampoline and you're getting it! Click on each photo below to drool over this specimen...

RelaxedCheck Out My Breasts!Big JumperTubularPretending to Work OutTRAMPoline Pic

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