Gretchen Rossi: Would You Hit It?

 This is not what our founders intended with the flag. Gretchen Rossi tries to look sexy by throwing it on her body.

The Fourth of July brings out the good (Josh Groban), the bad (praising Lake Minnetonka by comparing it to Vegas) and the women so desperate for attention they turn the American flag into a bikini.
Gretchen Rossi proudly included herself in the final category yesterday.
Study this Real Housewife's bathing suit body below, try to determine which parts are real and which are plastic and then answer the pressing question that follows...
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Justin Bieber Vanity Fair Issue

It's stunning but true: not everyone in the country is inflicted with Justin Bieber Fever. Millions of cases in point: those who typically read Vanity Fair.

The February issue of this magazine, which featured the 17-year old icon on the cover, has sold a mere 246,000 copies since its release. That makes it the second-worst selling edition of the publication EVER, moving more issues than only a Will Smith-anchored issue from 1999.

Justin Bieber Vanity Fair Issue

In related news, an April 2010 People magazine that also featured the Biebs reportedly sold 25 percent less than that publication's average.

So, what's the deal, Beliebers? Are you falling out of love with Mr. Selena Gomez? Or do you simply get your Bieber intel from blogs such as THG? (Editor's note: Thank you!)
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Sexy woman

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