Hope Dworaczyk Nude

Hope Dworaczyk really is nude in this photo. That's just body paint.

Hope Dworaczyk in Playboy
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Italy to Jersey Shore Cast

Here's the situation: Italians are far from pleased that Jersey Shore cast members have invaded their country.
The show didn't even start filming in the region until today, but the backlash against Snooki and company has been severe across various publications, with one reader of the MTV Italia website going disturbingly far and writing:
"When I see this, I wonder whether Osama Bin Laden had a point."
Whoa there. Not even Sammi is that annoying.
Shore Best Buds
Verbal grenades are being launched in the direction of JWOWW and Snooki.
In the Rome newspaper New Notzie, meanwhile, columnist Roberto Del Bov wrote of Pauly D and his housemates: "They embody the worst stereotypes of Italians, multiplied by thousands and Americanized."
The country's most widely read publication, Corriere della Sera, went on to describe the reality stars as a group with "slicked hair, exaggerated narcissism, boundless love for the family and outlandish eccentricity."
Exactly! Don't worry, Italy, you'll grow to love these people. So much so, we hope you never send them back.

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Rihanna Concert Ticket Sales: Not Good!

Rihanna's concert ticket sales are so sluggish, reports say, she may have to call off some dates. That's not what we'd expect, but her 2010 tour had similar issues.

After poor US concert pre-sales last month, Rihanna has been advised by her manager Jay Brown to actually cancel some domestic dates on her "Loud" tour.

For example, Ri's scheduled to perform at TD Garden in Boston July 24 with Cee Lo Green. Only 3,700 tickets have been sold, with 15,000 needed to break even.

Rihanna at the Brits

Rihanna split from her first manager, Marc Jordan, who launched her career, over a disagreement after her 2010 tour. A rep for Jordan declined to comment.

Her new manager, Brown, is part of Jay-Z's Roc Nation and promises "changes." But an insider said, "She should've been doing theaters and smaller venues."

She still demands the bells and whistles to make it a blow-out show, too: "Normal diva requests," an insider said, "which is tolerated, when you make money."

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Wonder Woman

The first photo of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman has been released.
The Friday Night Lights hottie will play the iconic comic book character in the reboot coming to NBC, which has already ordered the much-hyped pilot.
2011's Wonder Woman is being remade by David E. Kelley, who promises a serious, non-campy take on the DC Comics great. Can he pull it off. Can she?
Take a look at Adrianne as Wonder Woman below and you tell us ...
The New Wonder Woman
She's a knockout, but is Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman material?
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Lindsay Lohan

Welcome, gossip fans, to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!
When celebrity train wreck Lindsay Lohan (with her sister Ali) attends a New York Knicks game, the material for your captions is basically Limitless.
What are she/they thinking or saying here? Tell us! All you do is click "Comments" below and submit your best caption(s) - as many as you like.
We'll announce a winner Monday. Go to town and good luck ...
Lohan at the Game
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Lindsay Lohan Quits Smoking! No, Seriously!

Stop the presses. Lindsay Lohan has supposedly kicked smoking.
Not only is this a great move for, you know, long-term survival, but it's also smart given her looming jail sentence for grand theft/probation violation(s).
Lynwood Correctional Facility, a place with which she's sadly familiar, is a non-smoking detention center. Yep, no cigs in the can. It's a changing world.
What a Quitter
Sources say Lindsay Lohan is on a health kick. No, we're serious.
Lohan is adamant that she's not going to jail despite the felony grand theft charge complicated by a checkered past and a disaster of a probation report.
Jail or no jail, girl is "continuing on the path to a healthier life" by kicking the nicotine habit. Cold turkey, in fact. She also works out with a trainer daily.
Sources say she quit a week ago and hasn't relapsed. Hey, with LiLo, it's not a small feat. Click to enlarge some "smokin'" Lindsay Lohan pictures below:
 Lindsay Lohan looks ... hot? Hard to imagine. That cigarette doesn't do much for her appeal, but hey. A lack of drugs is a positive step.


Mmm. Delish. Tastes so good ... good FOR you, too.

 Lindsay Lohan is smokin'. Not smokin' hot, just regular smokin'. What a mess.
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Lady Gaga Joins Lady Gaga Impersonator On Stage, Stuns Nightclub Crowd

You may not love her music, but you have to respect the lengths to which Lady Gaga will go for her fans. Saturday night, she was the talk of ... Louisville.
After a show at the KFC Yum! Center (yes, that is a real venue), she hit a gay bar called Connections, where a Gaga impersonator show was in progress.
Gaga popped up on stage around 1:15 a.m., right in the middle of her hit song, "Born This Way." She proceeded to join this faux Lady in a duet! Watch:

The Two Lady Gagas
She'd already performed her smash hit song in concert, but this rendition at the club, where she showed up unannounced, was likely more memorable.
Following the duet with her 6-foot doppelganger, Gaga did a stage dive into the crowd before strutting off stage to the delight of stunned club-goers.
Don't be a drag ... just join a queen on stage. She rules.
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Lindsay Lohan Refuses Plea Deal Involving Jail

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer is doing all she can to negotiate the best possible plea deal for a client who, in legal parlance, is up s--- creek without a paddle.
The troubled star has other ideas about how to proceed, however.
Lindsay doesn't care what Shawn Chapman Holley is trying to work out with the D.A., and is still steadfastly refusing to plea bargain if it involves jail time.
Back Before the Judge
DENIAL: The writing is on the wall, but LiLo won't read it.
Facing felony grand theft charges for allegedly pilfering a $2,500 from a jewelry store, and already on probation for her 2007 DUI case, she's up against it.
Nevertheless, Lohan insists on going to trial in the hopes she will win and clear her name. Apparently the train wreck is unaware of how probation works.
Holley, D.A. Danette Myers and Judge Keith Schwartz will meet week to get a feel for how much time Lindsay Lohan will be sentenced to with a guilty plea. 
Given that her probation can be revoked at the judge's sole discretion, LiLo could be sitting behind bars one way or the other. Thus Holley's maneuvering.
Lohan doesn't care what kind of deal Holley gets, even if it means being locked up for merely a few weeks, though. She wants no part of it, end of story.
Lindsay wants to go to trial, feeling the surveillance tape will clear her name. It's a terrible gamble by all accounts, but one she seems hell bent on taking.
For a recap of the case so far, check out this recent edition of The Pulse:

The Pulse: Will Lindsay Lohan Go to Jail?
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Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn

Are Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn not only dating, but getting serious? According to reports, yes, after a short-but-romantic vacation getaway to Mexico.
"She thinks Sean is amazing," says a friend of ScarJo's to PopEater.
"Sure, he's an incredible actor, but there's depth. He's an amazing human being who cares about politics and the world. If she didn't have to return to work she would still be with him. She doesn't care about the age difference."
Penn, SeanWords Fail Us
In fact, sources say Penn's age and maturity is what appeals to her.
Sources say after being married to someone "as childish as Ryan," it's nice to be with someone mature. Wow, that's quite a diss of Ryan Reynolds.
The pair were first spotted together four weeks ago at a party in L.A. celebrating Black Swan, and later seen eating together in public pre-vacation.
Both camps are mum on the budding courtship, but there are fresh reports that they planning might be a trip to Haiti together later this spring.
Penn's passion for humanitarian causes is another selling point.
"He's exactly the kind of guy she wants," the friend says. "They talk every day and can't wait until she has a break so she can run away with him."
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