G4's Olivia Munn Gets Naked For Sexy Anti-Circus PETA Billboard

Olivia Munn

Actor and G4 host Olivia Munn is targeting the circus in a sexy new billboard for PETA. The Attack of the Show! host posed au naturel for the ad, which features a backdrop of elephants in their native environment alongside the words, "As Nature Intended, Let Elephants Be Free. Boycott the Circus." The billboard, which was shot by top celebrity photographer Hama Sanders, is located at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

Munn feels especially passionate about this issue. In an exclusive PETA interview, she explains, "I had seen a video online about the mistreatment and abuse of these elephants at the Ringling Bros. circus event, and I was brought to tears."

That video, which was shot by PETA and is available here, contains undercover footage of Ringling Bros. trainers as they beat elephants with sharp metal bullhooks. Elephants used in circuses are forced into training at a young age; still-nursing baby elephants are captured rodeo-style and dragged away from their mothers.

Munn, whose film credits include roles in Date Night and the upcoming Iron Man 2, was shocked by the video. "When you look at something like the circus, and everyone's laughing and there's color and there's music and everything seems so great, but when you go right behind that door and [the animals are] in these crates all day long and then they're getting shocked and beat just so they can get up and dance around on a ball," she says. "It was just so sickening."

Munn is calling on her fans to join her in boycotting the circus. "I think it's really important," she says, "that everyone at home, if you have a Twitter or MySpace or Facebook [page] or … your own blog, you have to get the message out because every extra person who hears about it-- it just helps."

Munn joins many celebrities-including Demi Moore, Darren Aronofsky, Jennie Garth, and Kyra Sedgwick-who have publicly condemned circuses that use animals.
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Paris Goes Poolside

Paris Goes Poolside

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Michael Lohan Tears Into Wife and Daughter; Lindsay Lohan Likely Seeking Restraining Order

Lindsay and Ali Lohan may go to court to keep their father, Michael, away.

"We will be getting restraining orders... It will happen imminently," their mother Dina tells Us Weekly. "My children are absolutely petrified of him."

As you probably know, Michael brought the L.A. County Sheriff's Department to Lindsay's L.A. home Thursday to attempt to remove Ali Lohan, 16.

Dina: "He says, 'I'm worried about Ali!' Then pay child support!" Burn.

Clearly delusional or just plastered, Dina went on to defend Lindsay as a good role model for her little sister, and says, "Everything is fine with Ali."

Calling Michael "disgusting," she adds: "All my kids... he's never been there. He's been in and out of jail for 10 years. This guy has to be stopped."

Ali, Dina and Lindsay Lohan

Not a dysfunctional trio at all ...

She says that Lindsay and Ali temporarily ditched Lindsay's Los Angeles apartment after Michael's intervention because the girls are "so scared of him."

On the flip side, Michael met with his lawyer yesterday and plans to ask a sentencing judge to force Lindsay into rehab or award him a conservatorship.

Michael said, in reference to Britney Spears' conservatorship: "Jamie Spears was dealing with a wife that was on his side, not enabling. I'm dealing with an ex wife that wants nothing to do with helping Lindsay get better."

Mike also asserted that Lindsay is on "Adderall... bipolar medication, anti-depressant medication ... it is toxic. When I left [rehab facility] Cirque Lodge [in October 2007], she departed with a bucket of medication. I was disgusted."

Lindsay has denied using drugs.

In addition to calling her an enabler, Michael accuses Dina of "bleeding Lindsay Lohan dry" and only trying to "save" Lindsay to leech off her bank account.

Mike Lohan Photo

Everyone with the last name Lohan will be investigated before long.

On this one, Dina is missing the boat ... because Lindsay is broke. Dina isn't acknowledging it, but multiple sources involved in her finances say it's so.

Michael says it's ironic, since Dina is guilty of "bilking Lindsay with her 20 percent commissions," and is threatening to release "over 100 tapes" of her.

For now, M-Lo is getting the hell out of L.A., but says he plans upon returning to NYC he may report Dina to Child Protective Services. Stay tuned ...

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Reports: Elin Woods to Start Over in Sweden

Updating previous reports, Tiger Woods’ wife Elin supposedly wants to return to live in her native Sweden, according to sources close to the situation.

Elin is currently in that country with the couple’s two young kids. Tiger said he spent time with family after the Masters, but he's certainly not there.

While he lives the single life in Florida and resumes his golf career, Elin is making plans for a life after she divorces Tiger, a source told Radar Online.

“Divorce is openly discussed,” the source said.

"And a deal will be worked out."

Tiges and Elin

It looks like time may be running out on this marriage.

Tiger and Elin’s marriage took a turn for the worst in recent months after the embattled couple seemed to get closer when Tiger came out of sex rehab.

While no Tiger Woods divorce papers have been filed yet, they barely talk to each other and live separately, although they have been extremely civil.

If Elin does wish to move back to Sweden, however, that is sure to concern the world's #1 golfer, who does not want his son and daughter so far away.

The issue has not become a problem yet but is now looming over the divorce situation as she keeps building what looks like a new, independent life.

Elin Woods and the children are currently on vacation in Sweden and she has begun extensive renovations on the home she recently purchased there.

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What Women Really Want!


When the boss asked me to write an article on what women want, I thought to myself, hmmm I need to really think about this, like, really, really think about this. Mainly for two reasons, one I don’t want to offend anyone, so, if I manage to do so, sorry but hey it’s only an article and secondly, I need this to be the best thing written since The Girlfriend Vs The Xbox!

Now I’m going to be totally honest here, us women…girls, want a lot of things including chocolate, love, good sex, food, the perfect body, perfect man, more chocolate, I could go on, but hey I don’t think you’d like me to.

I’m assuming this is for you guys to read to get a head start on a new girl in your sights, so I’ll try my best, but not every woman in the world is the same, far from it actually, so with that in mind I shall list out a few types of woman you may come across, then I’ll get on with what we want.

You can have the ‘independent’ girl; this is the girl who won’t want you to call her 7 times a day, just the 4 times a week will do fine, thanks. Then you have the ‘clingy’ girl, who wants to have your attention all the time, wants you to shower her with calls every 5 minutes, needs to know where you are and what you’re doing, all the time! You may also come across the ‘dude’ girl, basically this girl is the tomboy who will beat you at any sport you try, she will follow her favourite football team every weekend, know the off-side rule and kick your arse at Mario Karts on the Wii. This girl is the fun one who won’t complain about chilling with your dude mates, she might even have more dude mates than you do, but you’re the one she wants to be with all the time, although she may come across as tough, remember, she still has a heart.

There’s also the ‘shy’ girl. This little lady is the one who has only had a hand full or less of relationships, she doesn’t completely believe she deserves such a great guy, doesn’t want you to think she’s a fool and just wants to know what it feels like to be truly loved by someone she loves without being hurt, she’s the good girl. Clearly there’s many more types of women out there but I’ll be here forever explaining them, so here’s a quick list, they pretty much explain themselves anyway; chav, gold-digger, emotionally detached, attached, one-night-only, pushy, door mat, selfish, always happy (until you leave her), depressed, ‘ugly’, ‘fat’, ‘skinny’, ‘perfect’, and the most important of all; I-love you-your-the-one-please-believe-me-and-never-leave-me girlfriend who doesn’t believe a word you’ve said as she doesn’t deserve you.

Although the majority of these descriptions are negative, unfortunately I can’t think of any more positive ones…that’s not good…ah well. Right, so, we want a lot of things, but we also don’t want a lot of things. I know this is all about what we want but, I’m going to let you know about the things we don’t want anyway, just in case, ha-ha.

No respectful woman wants the following, unless their freaky; abuse (verbal/physical or sexual), being used, being ignored, seeing their man checking out other women, whilst standing right next to them! We also don’t appreciate being farted on! It may be funny to you, but believe you me, no girl likes a smelly face! Ha-ha! O.K but seriously, there are a few things you don’t do to a girl, but there are even more things you can do for a girl to make her smile, a lot.

Woman love it when you listen to her. It may seem like such a simple task to many, but dude, why is it so hard for you guys not to listen to your girl!? It’s not hard, I mean we manage to listen to you lot groan on about your new X-Box or PS3 games or how amazing that butty was that you just ate. You may find our topic of conversation boring, but I can reassure you, we don’t find every little thing you say interesting, but unlike you lot, we have manners. Sorry but it had to be said.

Us women are also fans of romance. Shocking I know. I know it’s the 21st century and men and women are ’equal’ (were not but that’s another topic) and everything is completely different from the 18th century but that is no excuse for the lack of romance in a relationship, buy your lady flowers for no reason at all, take her for a meal just to celebrate the second month anniversary of your first sleep over at your house, surprise her at work, randomly phone her etc, she will return the favour some way or another, and you will love it.

Women really love being made to feel like the most important and most special girl in your life, as we try and make you feel like the most important boy in her life, only we seem to do it better, most of the time. It’s not nice to here you say how fit ‘that’ bird is to your mates, especially if she’s not on the TV and it’s a girl on the street. Most girls, no matter how confident she seems, have some low self esteem and love you giving her compliments, even if she tells you to shut up, inside she’s thinking, oh-my-god no way does he actually think I’m still cute even though I have panda eyes!

Right people, I’m having trouble trying to finish this article, so I’m leaving it to you men and woman to add your own views, either on here at Flip! Or just by telling your loved one how you feel, what YOU want and how you want it!

Happy coupling!

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Lindsay Lohan: Under Police Watch, Axed From Film

Just when you think Lindsay Lohan's week can't get any worse, she somehow finds a way. Girl is nothing if not persistent ... and usually sloshed.

A day after sheriff's deputies made a surprise visit to her place, Lindsay's attorney confirmed that the LAPD also has the train wreck in its sights.

Cops questioned Lohan after a friend's $35,000 Rolex went missing at her home. Linds has been cooperative and as of now, she's not a suspect.

Still, she remains under close watch from authorities, who visited her the previous day amid allegations that Lindsay was corrupting Ali Lohan.

Meanwhile, on the work front, things are going from bad to worse after Lindsay was axed from another movie because she's "not bankable."

In related news, Heidi Montag's body is "not natural."

Double L

UNRELIABLE: Movie studios want nothing to do with this.

Lindsay Lohan was slated to star in The Other Side, a new movie also starring Woody Harrelson, Giovanni Ribisi, Dave Matthews and Alanis Morissette.

It's about a grad student working on a deserted island, which is basically where Lohan's career is stranded after she was cut loose from the film.

David Michaels, the writer/director, said that "Our team simply chose to move on from Lindsay and we'll soon be announcing a replacement."

People financing the film were skittish about relying on Lindsay. Shocking.

It's unfortunate for Lindsay, who really needs to consolidate credit card debt and find a reliable source of income, that she's viewed as a liability.

Perhaps if she'd focus on acting instead of drunk Tweeting for five seconds, she might actually utilize what's left of her once-considerable talent.

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Fashion Face-Off: Miley Cyrus vs. Jessica Stroup

Jessica Stroup has something in common with Miley Cyrus.

No, she doesn't date older men. And there's no video of her doing a stripper impression in front of a teenage audience. It's also unclear if Justin Bieber finds her corny and manufactured by Disney.

But we can at least report that the 90210 cast member and the young movie star share similar fashion taste. Each has been spotted out in the same Topshop dress, which retails for approximately $60.

Who pulls off this look better?

Miley Cyrus and Jessica Stroup

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Bikini Contest

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Dancing with the Stars Cast Relieved to Be Free of Kate Gosselin, Diva-Like Demands

Kate Gosselin got the boot from Dancing With the Stars Tuesday night.

The remaining dancers and cast collectively thought: It's about time.

The mother of eight caused drama before the show even premiered in March, acting like a diva during rehearsals and making crazy demands on set.

Crazy demands like crew members not being allowed to look at her. Seriously. So you can imagine the rejuvenated vibe now that she's finally gone.

"Everyone couldn't be more relieved," a source says ... but just wait 'til they have to deal with Rachel Uchitel. That'll pose a whole new set of issues.

Getting Her Foxtrot On

GOOD RIDDANCE, GOSSELIN: That's the cast and crew's message for Kate.

"We had to walk on eggshells. At least we don't have to worry about where our eyes can or can't drift off to now. Kate just thought that everyone was out to get her. That's why she had all of those crazy rules, like how she was to be approached."

There are two ways to look at this, of course.

Kate gets enormous attention, much of it negative, from mainstream and celebrity gossip press. This understandably gets to her, prompting a difficult attitude.

On the flip side, rather than being "out to get her," perhaps it's the media's role to point out what a dreadful human being she is when she leaves us no choice.

It's a celeb gossip chicken-egg scenario.

"[We] felt bad for the bad press she got," another Dancing with the Stars source dished. "But sometimes it was deserved!" Sums it up perfectly, if you ask us.

With Nicole Scherzinger, Pamela Anderson - the woman's got the booty and skillz - Evan Lysacek et al. going strong, the cast is pumped to get back to work.

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THG Exclusive: Ashley Dupre on Playboy Photos, Being a Call Girl, Love, Jersey Shore & More

Two years ago, Ashley Dupre - or "Kristen" as she was known to Eliot Spitzer - became embroiled in one of the biggest sex scandals ever, as the Governor of New York State was snared in a prostitution sting. He was Ashley's client.

After removing herself from the spotlight, she's back in a big way next month as Playboy's cover girl for May. Suffice it to say, she looks amazing.

Below, in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Gossip, Ashley Dupre tells us:

  • Why she took part in the world's oldest profession
  • Why she chose to bare all for the men's magazine
  • What she looks for in a man, and much more ...

THG: Did you ever struggle with or question the morality of your past profession?

Ashley Dupre: I was young, I was stupid, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Going back to the profession after being out for 11 months (before I got caught) was the hardest thing that I’d ever had to do up until that point.

Ashley Dupre Playboy Cover

I was in a relationship during those 11 months, which helped me learn self worth and self respect. I had dreams and goals and I was living a normal life during that time. When the man I was dating left me after 11 months, he left me with debt and responsibilities above my means. In order for me to be able to pay off my debt and move out of my apt I had to go back to work for a little bit.

At that moment, I felt like I had too much self respect to return to that line of work, so it was hard for me to go back. I felt like I was above that. But I had to. So I did. Do I feel bad about what I was doing? In a way, yes – I do take some responsibility. But at the end of the day, I was just doing my job.

THG: Without naming names, did you have any other famous clients besides #9?

Ashley Dupre: Maybe, maybe not. I do not kiss and tell.

THG: Why did you decide to pose nude for Playboy now, having turned down similar offers in the past?

Ashley Dupre: Playboy has been the number one men’s monthly magazine subscription for more than 55 years. Cindy Crawford, Brooke Burke, Pamela Anderson and Marilyn Monroe all graced the cover of Playboy, and I am honored to be next to [them].

My sex was being bought and sold, but in a different way through the media - half naked pictures of me were circling for a long time. Posing in Playboy was a way for me to reclaim my sexuality and take control of my image. This is the first time that I have had photo approval over any photos that are being released.

This is the first time that there are photos out there of me that were released with my permission. These photos are beautiful and I am so happy and proud to be affiliated with Playboy and to be part of the Playboy family!

THG: What was the most absurd piece of celebrity gossip written about you.

Ashley Dupre: Wow! Um, just ONE? Lol! That’s hard. There were a lot more than one! I can’t even remember. I have selective memory!

THG: Joe Francis: What a sleaze, are we right?

Ashley Dupre: Ummm, yes, I would have to agree with you.

THG: Are you still doing music at all?

Ashley Dupre: I am still working on my music. I’m also very realistic about where I’ve been and what I’ve gone through. I know that some people won’t take me seriously, so I need to show them who I am (rather than who they think I am) in order for them to take me seriously and give my music a chance. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me, but it’s been 2two years and I haven’t given up yet, so I doubt I will any time soon! I’m really committed to working hard on my music career and I hope things turn out well!

You can listen to my newest singles

THG: Would you consider doing a reality dating show, a la A Shot at Love?

Ashley Dupre: LOL! I’m not sure, but I can tell you this much - I would not be making out on national television!

THG: Take us through a typical day for you.

Ashley Dupre: Well, I’m in LA now for a few months. It’s a nice change from New York! I just flew my dog Brooklyn back to LA with me, so, on a typical day, I wake up and walk him. Here’s what I do after that: have breakfast while I work on StilettoSuicide.com (my new blog), work on my New York Post advice column, catch up on emails, respond to my Twitter-bugs, go to the gym, jump on conference calls and take meetings/lunch meetings for some of the projects I’m working on, come home and walk Brooklyn, go to yoga, more conference calls, feed Brooklyn, have dinner with my friends, walk Brooklyn, and go to bed.

Sort of Nude

The one thing I do love about LA (among other things of course!) are the house parties and BBQs. We don’t really have that in NYC!

THG: What kinds of things do you look for in a man?

Ashley Dupre: I look for someone who thinks that all of my imperfections make me perfect, and someone who makes me overall a better woman.

THG: You're a Garden State native. Which Jersey Shore cast member is hottest?

Ashley Dupre: LOL! Where I grew up, it’s nothing like the Jersey Shore on the show ... the show totally gives Jersey a bad name! When I tell people that I’m from the Jersey Shore I find myself following it up with, “But it’s nothing like that show.” I must admit that watching the show is a guilty pleasure of mine, but I honestly haven’t watched it enough to know the character’s names. So, I’m not sure who is the hottest!

THG: Are you seeing anyone?

Ashley Dupre: Next question. :)

THG: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Ashley Dupre: Married. Maybe starting to think about having children. I know that what will bring me true happiness, and what will complete me as a woman is going to be my future husband and our family. I didn’t really have a great childhood or a really close family, so that is something that I crave. As far as work – I would love to see my New York Post advice column grow and I would love to see StilettoSuicide.com grow. I would love to help young girls who may be heading down a similar path as me and help parents communicate with their children. I would love to be known for anything other than what happened to me in 2008. I know I will never be able to erase what happened, but I hope to be able to show people who I am rather than who they think I am. I hope that I can work hard enough to ensure that my mistakes will not be what defines me.

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Kourtney Kardashian Gets Her Bikini Body Back... Again!

Someone really needs to get Kourtney Kardashian a GPS for her bikini body.

The unmarried mother continues to lose her figure every few weeks. Fortunately, she always recovers it, just in time to grace the cover of a supermarket tabloid. Amazing how that works, isn't it?

Kourt Slims DownAnother Kourtney Kover

Even though she's already told us how she lost 33 pounds, while also having already shared her diet secrets with the world, Kourtney is featured yet again in the latest issue of Life & Style.

Forget about her sister's dangerous new love, we're dying to discover the tips that can help us get airbrushed by magazines lose so much weight. Take it away, Kourt!

Small diet tweaks: "I used to always get a chai latte from Starbucks, but I just switched to one espresso shot... I was eating a lot of dried fruit, and I didn't realize how much sugar that added. And now I'll eat raw almonds instead of salted ones."

Embrace a physical activity: "I'm big on running - just putting on my iPod Shuffle and going for a run by my house."

Eat fresh food: "Frozen yogurt tastes so chemically to me because I've been eating salads and salmon and chicken. Fresh food is so much better."

Then, there's this final tip: Get pregnant in order to increase ratings for your reality show, pocket lots of cash by exploiting this situation for every tabloid in the country, use that money to pay a personal trainer and personal chef to help you get toned, use Photoshop, offer absolutely nothing of substance to the world.

Return of the Bikini Body!

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Happy Birthday, Joanna Krupa!

A few months ago, Joanna Krupa was just another beautiful super model.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

But then the Polish native appeared on Dancing with the Stars, posed topless for PETA - and really drew the ire of the Catholic Church by covering her naked body with a crucifix.

Krupa's defense of this controversial ad? God agrees with me.

With The Big Guy already on her side, birthday wishes from anyone else would likely pale in comparison. Still, we encourage readers to send in comments to Krupa today, as she turns 31. In the model's honor, we've posted a photo montage below.

It includes the aforementioned, scandalous, cross-themed nude picture...

Gone Topless

Topless for PETABikini Clad KrupaNude for PETAJoanna and DerekKrupa, JoannaJoanna Krupa, Playboy Cover

Joanna Krupa, PlayboyTwo HottiesHot DancerJoanna Krupa, MaximJoanna Krupa ToplessJoanna Krupa Nude

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Jaimee Grubbs Tries, Fails to Bang NHL Stars

Jaimee Grubbs scored a hole in one with Tiger Woods, so to speak. But the NHL players she hit on last night weren't going anywhere near that hole.

The outspoken 24-year-old Tiger mistress and Tool Academy alum hit up Beverly Hills hot spot Bar210 last night, looking to put out for sports stars.

It was not to be.

"Jaimee made a beeline for a table full of [Anaheim] Ducks and [L.A.] Kings NHL hockey players," an eyewitness tells E!. "She walked up, and the guys were just like, 'Can we help you?' She said, 'I'm a model. My name is Jaimee.'"

The hockey players either do not read celebrity gossip, or are used to getting hotter girls, because they looked uninterested and a little confused.

Jaimee Grubbs went on to tell them she appeared in Maxim in February. Still unimpressed, the NHLers went back to minding their own business.

Jaimee Grubbs Topless

Maybe if Jaimee Grubbs had gone to the bar in just this ...

Not to be denied, J-Grub apparently tried to blend in with the posse: "She suddenly just started making herself a drink," a spy says. "They asked her to leave."

Afterward, though, the light bulb went on. "Oh, sh!t, I think that was the Tiger girl," one of the teammates was heard saying, although unlike Woods, he added:

"I don't want to be associated with that." Not 'cause of her mug shot, either.

Still, "She continued circling the club all night," a source says, but no word yet on whether Grubbs eventually achieved her gooooooooooooooooal!!!!! Sorry.

Her manager says Grubbs was not snubbed by the NHL players: "She knew the club promoter who introduced her. She spent a few minutes chatting and left."

Wait, Jaimee Grubbs has a manager? That's the funniest part of this story.

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Wife Out, Mistress In: Charlie Sheen Reportedly Shacks Up with Angelina Tracy!

Yesterday, Angelina Tracy claimed she was not a paid escort, had never slept with Charlie Sheen and was simply grateful to this actor for helping her during a time of need.

According to a new rumor, however, Tracy was either lying about her relationship with Sheen - or she needs around the clock personal care. Radar Online reports that the lingerie model is now living in Sheen's house!

Charlie's wife, Brooke Mueller? Not so much.

Fiction Imitates Fact

This scene from Two and a Half Men pretty much mirrors the real life of Charlie Sheen.

For the last couple weeks, sources say Sheen and Mueller have been alternating nights in their house. Because she's "so disgusted" with the rumors of his infidelity, an insider says Brooke avoids being around whenever Charlie comes back from rehab.

But the sitcom star has finally crossed the line by actually bringing Tracy home with him.

"Their relationship is dead,” the source said. “Brooke wants a payout.”

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Ray J's Mother Blames Kim Kardashian for Sex Tape Release

Sonja Bates-Norwood, the mother of Ray J and Brandy, has two messages for America:

  1. Get over the sex tape her son made with Kim Kardashian.
  2. Put the blame for its release squarely on the giant breasts shoulders of Kim.

The Norwood family appeared this week on The Wendy Williams Show in order to promote their new VH1 reality series (yes, there's now a program based around the exploits of one guy famous for penetrating Kim Kardashian on video; and one woman famous for her fatal car crash) - and Sonja was asked about the only reason anyone has ever heard of her son.

She first told the country to move on from the tape, and then said: "With all the hoopla with it being Ray J and people trying to blame him, did you see him on the cover of Playgirl? Did you see him in the centerfold of Playgirl?"

Translation: Kim has posed for Playboy and has seen her career take off since the video went online. You connect the dots, people.

All Kim's Fault!

Brandy and Ray J proceeded to sign autographs for fans outside talk show studio. Which raises the question: Brandy and Ray J have fans?!?

Return of BrandyRemember Brandy?Sister of Ray JBrandy Norwood PhotoRay J and BrandySiblings, Singers

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No Left Finger Bling for Sandy B!

Hollywood Exteriors

Your heart has to break for Sandra Bullock. As the world now knows all about what her douchebag husband did to hurt her, every move from here on out is going to be on her and that loser. And last Friday, Sandra was spotted out in public without her wedding ring. Umm, surprised?

According to Entertainment Tonight, last Friday Sandra was spotted out in Northern California hiking without her left finger bling and they showed off the picture last night.

In the photo she was drinking coffee, wearing a hat, with a scarf around her neck and looking like a sad sad panda. And lo and behold, Sandy was NOT wearing her wedding ring. Yeah probably because her husband is a dirty skanky hobag Nazi and she flushed that shiznit down the toilet.

It’s already been 33 days since the revelations came out. I just hope that douchebag realizes how badly he screwed up and lives with the regret for the rest of his Nazi-loving life. And Sandy should know that she’s got the world on her side!

Check out the photo that Entertainment Tonight showed on their program last night.

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Single, successful and satisfied

Life doesn’t always end up the way we expect -- and the trip down the aisle doesn't always happen. Here are four spunky women who share their man backup plans, just in case they don't end up with Mr. Right.

Woman on vacationAlign Center

The adventurer

Cynthia Clampitt, author of her Waltzing Australia book and blog, is already reaping the rewards of her backup plan. Clampitt explains, "As I approached my 30th birthday and was faced with the realization that I might actually be planning a life for one, I realized that the corporate world, despite my success there, was not where I wanted to stay."

With no one tying her down, she decided she wasn’t waiting for anything or anyone. "I kicked off this new life with a six-month, 20,000-mile journey around and across Australia," she says. This escapade turned Clampitt into an award-winning author. "Writing was not the only change to my life. I returned from Australia transformed: I was now an adventurer, too."

Clampitt adds, "Life is good. Plan B turned out to be an amazing adventure."

Single parenthood

Pamela Raymond, owner of The Raymond Experience, a niche firm specializing in pubic relations and more, has spent her adult life focusing on and building her business. Today she has a specific backup plan in mind: Starting a family:

"My plans have been in progress for the past two years, as I haven't found the right ‘one’ yet and decided that at 40, I should consider the option of becoming a single parent. I have investigated artificial insemination and spoken with friends who are conceiving using this method and plan to embark on that opportunity by my 41st birthday.

"I do meet men and date often, but don't feel I should ‘settle’ just to ‘settle down.’ I was previously married when I was 23 and realize that happiness isn't always about having a partner but about the friends and family surrounding me. I would rather have healthy friendships than bad relationships any day. My goals are to have one child and adopt another by 43. I always have hope that the next date could be a keeper, but it doesn't keep me up at night if he isn't."

Pairing platonically

Wendy Braitman, author of First Person Singular: Notes from an Unmarried Life, didn’t plan to live the single life, but it seems to have panned out that way. She’s not alone, though: Braitman lives with her longtime male friend in a non-romantic relationship, and their pets.

Braitman says, "The backup plan is the plan you use whenever life doesn't give you what you expect. And not finding Mr. Right doesn't mean you can't have a wonderful, satisfying life. It just takes planning, determination and a sense of humor."

The plan: no plan

Then, there are those whose backup plan is not having a plan. Melissa Galt, chief prosperity catalyst at Marketing to Make You Money, is in her mid-40s and says, "My backup plan is simply to continue leading an interesting, full and satisfying life."

Galt says, "I'd love a happy, healthy relationship and am confident that it will come along, but certainly I'm not in waiting mode. I can't imagine putting life on hold to find ‘Mr. Right for me’ and if he didn't show up, I'd move to a backup plan. Instead, I live engaged, connected, tuned in and turned on every day as I imagine that makes me far more attractive, interesting and dateable than sitting at home waiting for him to show up!"

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